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Christchurch and Waimakariri

Services in Christchurch and Waimakariri

In Christchurch, we do housing placement and advice as well as tenancy management for Christchurch City and Waimakariri areas.
We are based at The Loft at Eastgate Mall, sitting alongside other social service providers.

People who have experienced mental health issues are welcome to contact us at the Loft, email us at or phone us on 0800 932 432.

If you have nowhere to stay tonight or in the next seven days, please contact Work and Income to access emergency housing.

We are also seeking partnerships with landlords and developers in the region, click here to find out more.

Meet our Regional manager

Meet Jim Gallen - Regional manager - Central/Southern
Jim Gallen
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If you are currently being supported by LinkPeople, please phone us on 0800932432 for support.
If you need emergency housing, please contact Work and Income.
Visit for the latest official information.